The North Carolina Building Code states that carports in our area should have a live load of 20 lbs/sf.  However, with over 36 years of installing carports and patio covers, we recognize the need to make them a bit stronger than is required.  If you have lived in the area for a few winters, you have seen the heavy snows that we can get. It is our policy to engineer and install our carports and patio covers to at least 30 lbs/sf.  It costs a little more in materials, but through the years, we have found that the small additional cost of materials for a

stronger cover is much less than most insurance deductibles.


You will notice we don't use the arched steel covers.  They were designed for farm use, and we have found that as the steel rusts, water will drip onto your car and leave rust spots on the finish.  Additionally, all the manufacturers require that the covers are to be anchored to concrete footings.  This is never done by

someone advertising a "$695 Installed" carport.


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